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Bodhi Burgers, report number 9

The onion rings are in and all sold out in the first 3 days. We will have more on Tuesday the 5th of December and we will try to stay ahead of the demand so we don't run out. We are buying onion rings that are a recipe of Bob Higgens, which he tailor made and altered a bit to meet my onion ring dreams. They are amazing and have been a hit with gringos and Cuencanos alike. Bob is working with a local group of indigenous women to help them come up with some money-making ideas to help improve their finances. Bob was manager and owner of quite a few restaurants in the US. It’s a win, win, win. We get amazing onion rings to sell without having to make them, you get amazing onion rings and the ladies get an additional revenue stream.
Don't forget, not only do we sell amazing hamburgers, but we also have amazing and very popular veggie burgers made for us by Yanni at Tienda Nectar and Fish burgers made by us. Also, Olive oil mayonnaise, in 500 gr jars for $10.00, Ghee 500 gr $7.00, Homemade Chocolate sauce 500 gr $8.00, homemade pickles 370 gr $3.50, aji 370 gr $3.50, Liters of our homemade ice cream $7.50.
Lastly home delivery is available.

Now., Mariscal Sucre 17-80 just above 3 de Noviembre

Bodhi Kroll: 095 906 0381