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Best providers of private health insurance in Ecuador

Hi All,

I'm impressed with the quantity and quality of information on this blog and thank you all for your contributions. Rather than being put off by the running political debates I find useful information in them. They are on average more factually rich and less paralyzed by fake news than those we hear at every level in the US.

My wife and I will be touring Ecuador this spring or summer with the intention of relocating there from the US, and applying for citizenship before we leave, conditional on a favorable impression of the country from close up.

We plan to travel in Ecuador for 3 to 4 months, exiting and returning after 90 days to renew our travel visas if necessary to lengthen the stay. We'll look at satellite communities of Cuenca (such as Giron and other villages in the Yunguilla Valley), Loja, Vilcabamba, possibly also Banos--or any other places that offer a combination of proximity to nature and protected areas, freedom from congestion and air pollution, properties adjacent to open space boatable rivers--while also having reasonable proximity to urban amenities such as libraries, universities, hardware and electronics stores and high speed internet service.

If after looking around and getting to know the country we still are enthusiastic about living there we'll apply for citizenship, probably in Quito, before leaving, then go back to the U.S. to pack up, prepare our house for rental, touch up our business plan and pack up our stuff for the move.

During 2018 therefore we will be partly in the US and partly in Ecuador, so we'll need health insurance coverage on both ends for at least a year. I'm 66 and on Medicare and my wife is 54 and will lose or pay heavily for her Obamacare policy once she quits her job, where her premiums are paid by her employer.

For this transition year we will consider on their cost benefit merits all alternatives outlined in "Becoming an Expat in Ecuador", including travel insurance, international healthcare, the Ecuadorian health insurance program for residents, and private insurance. I have to make a decision by Dec. 7 about my about my Medicare supplemental plan.

We understand that as of May the Ecuadorian IESS health care system has graduated to a premium of 17.6 percent of (gross? adjusted?) income for expat residents. As for private health insurance, I welcome any suggestions any of you may have for the best providers of such for Ecuador and expats.

Also any other relevant and useful commentary on the many possible options. There's a lot to know about copays, coinsurance, deductibles, preexisting conditions, fine-print exclusions, delays in service, foreign travel coverage and so on.

We all know how completely health care and insurance costs have shackled all but the wealthiest US citizens. Many of the homeless wandering our urban areas like zombies have been bankrupted by health care costs or by the lack of medical care.

We plan to have dual citizenship and I will probably elect to continue U.S. Medicare coverage with or without supplemental insurance.

I have read that even after one obtains a cedula there are waiting periods before one can qualify for use of the country's IESS health insurance plan and would welcome better clarity on that.

Probably this blog has covered these issues before; I welcome references to prior threads or referrals to other web sites.

With my apologies for the lengthy post, and thanks in advance for any helpful advice.

Zeke Kimball