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What I did on my Azogues “Vacation”

No need for a facilitator. Easy process to register proof of health insurance, if you still need to.

What you need to bring:
Color copies of...

1. Passport page with your mugshot and facing page.
2. Visa page from passport with facing page.
3. Cedula, front and back.
4. Two copies of your Certificate of Affiliation from IESS or equivalent from your private insurance carrier. (For IESS holders, easy to find on, “Afiliado,” “Certificado de Afiliacion”)

Getting there:
1. Take a north-bound bus from Terminal Terrestre, such as to Quito, Riobamba, Ambato, etc.
2. No need for ticket; just board bus and take an empty seat. Fare ($0.75) will be collected on the way.
3. On the southern edge of Azogues, you will de-bus at a building called the Centro de Assistance Cuidadano (CAC). The Google picture shows the entrance, which is on the BACK of the building, NOT facing the main road. I suggest pinning the exact location to MAPS.ME or Google Maps on your smartphone or GPS-enabled tablet. On my trip, several people got off a block from this building, so I got off too and hoofed it the rest of the way.

Being There:
1. Enter, show your certificate to the security guard at reception. He will walk you to a window where he will explain to the employee why you are there. You will then receive a numbered ticket, beginning with the letters “VIS”. You will wait on the ground floor until your number is NEAR to being called. A guard will then direct several of you to go upstairs and wait again until your number is called. Yes, you read that correctly: You will wait for the privilege of waiting. This.Is.Ecuador. :)
2. Present paperwork to the clerk. She will check cedula numbers, etc. staple and retain your copies, except the second copy of your insurance certificate.
3. Have her stamp and date the second certificate to keep with your other very important papers.

What... Are you still here? Go Home!
1. There are three Terminal Terrestres in Azogues. The one you want, assuming you are returning to Cuenca, is about a half-mile to the south of the CAC building. It's a nice walk along a river (“creek,” to us Nahthenuhs). Again, pin it in MAPS.ME or other 'where the heck AM I?' app on your phone or tab.
2. Board a Cuenca-bound bus. On my ride back, we paid the driver $0.75 as we got off the bus in Cuenca.

Times and cost:
1. 40 minutes on bus to Azogues. Add a few minutes to walk to CAC.
2. Wait around an hour, total. Paperwork processing was under a minute for me.
3. 30-minute walk to bus station.
4. 40-minute ride back to Cuenca
5. Total time: Roughly 3 hours.
6. Total cost: $1.50, not including transport to/from bus stations and the cost of copies.

As I said, it was easy. By the way, our attorney reminded us that November 10 is the official date to have completed this.

AWTroxell: 099 573 7516. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca