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Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca, Tribute to Ricaurte Parish

The No. 1 String group of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra, coordinated by Maestro Patricio Mora Yanza, will be presented on Friday, November 10, at 8:30 PM at the parent church of Ricaurte as a tribute to its patron saint festivities by San Carlos Borromeo. The entrance is free.

The repertoire that attendees can enjoy: Overture The Hebrides * by Felix Mendelssohn Symphony No. 40 *, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Summertime * by George Gershwin, March Radetzky * (* Arrangements by Jeff Manookian), Eleanor Rigby and Michelle by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, For a Head by Carlos Gardel with arrangements by Irina Lazaryev, Sanjuanito (DRA), The animator of Scott Joplin with arrangements by Fabrizio Ferrari.

Chamber music

During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, aristocrats, cardinals and other members of high society called small groups of musicians to appear in their salons, even in their bedrooms, that is how the chamber music was born.

With the rise of the bourgeoisie in society, private chamber concerts gradually became public.

In the chamber music, each musician plays a different part and they perform it without a director. The musicians should be located so that they can look at each other, to achieve better coordination.

The chamber compositions comprise from two to ten instruments, larger groups already form a chamber orchestra with a director in front.

In a chamber music group there are many possible instrumental combinations, the most important being the string quartet, since the combination of four voices allows the composer the greatest melodic, harmonic and dynamic richness. In addition, the homogeneity of the sound of four stringed instruments has a great aesthetic quality. Another usual group of chamber is one or more solo instruments with piano accompaniment.

String chamber music is the most consecrated form of this musical genre; numerous examples can be found in Haydn, its creator, and then Mozart and Beethoven; Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, and many more composers.

As always, we have all of you to enjoy together the passion for music.

Ana Dávila Vázquez. Manager

Public Relations of the Orchestra Sinfónica De Cuenca

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