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Rumor about IESS raising rates

Here is a copy of a personal letter I received today from the law firm of Ulloa and Zamora concerning the rumor that has been going around that the New Human Mobility Law gave IESS the right to "call us in" and make us declare what our actual retirement income is.

The letter states very clearly that no such provision exists in this new law. In fact, it says this provision is in the new law for anyone joining IESS after August 10, and they believe as Lena says, it is "discriminatory and unconstitutional".

On a personal note while it is a personal decision I felt sorry for those who were taken in by the rumor mill and quit IESS.

Here is the letter...

Hello Billy,

Thank you for contacting Ulloa and Zamora Asesores, as per you concern, yes the payment will increase accordingly with the minimum wage, as long as you keep paying in a monthly base, there is no law or person that can make you pay in accordance with your real income, that is the new regulation for people joining IESS after august 10th 2017 with a pension or retired visa, which we think is discrimination and unconstitutionally.

Please, even if the IESS calls you to make changes or update your information just ignore them, nothing will happen, no one has the right to go thru your password or information.

Kind regards,


William Keyes

City: DurĂ¡n