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Recommendation for ExpatExpressShipping / Julio, shipping

This is to give support to Julio at ExpatExpressShipping.

I have used this service for perhaps a year and a half now.

My estimate is that I have shipped close to 500 pounds from the USA to Ecuador in this time. There have been occasional problems, but in the end, these were always resolved to my satisfaction.

I am not upset by temporary problems because I lived near Bariloche, Argentine for over 10 years. There I could find no service like Julio's, and it became impossible to get things I needed from "the outside".

When I first moved to Argentina in 2004, we could receive boxes from "the outside". But, the boxes were always opened in Customs and a 50% duty assessed. The cost of the shipping was added to the value to determine taxes.

Then under the Kirchner presidencies, it became virtually impossible to receive packages through Argentine Customs, even through the Post Office. It came to the point where one had to ask permission (from the government) for an import license (which was impossible to get) to receive more than two personal boxes a year, no matter how small, even if one paid the 50% duty, they did not care. Not allowed.