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Ready, set, go.... the "Feeding the Hungry Project" needs volunteers

We finally have all the pieces, permits and permissions to start serving meals at Hospital Vincente Calle Moscoso. We now have a target date to start serving lunch every Tuesday and Thursday starting Tuesday, November 28, to people identified as not being able to afford meals while their child is in the hospital.

We have permission to use hospital kitchen facilities to warm the soup, clean the bowls and store our stuff there so there is no need to bring bowls back and forth each time. We will be serving 25-30 people at each meal and we are in a position to start creating a volunteer schedule. If you have already contacted myself or Kevin Blain (Volunteer coordinator) about volunteering, we have your names and will be in touch shortly. Thank you, Mary Ann Dion and Jane Hunt, for volunteering to make the soups.

We need someone to pick up the soup from Mary Ann or Jane (Mary Ann Tuesdays and Jane Thursdays) and deliver the soup to the hospital. This can be done by someone with a car or someone who can pick up and deliver in a taxi. If that person is willing to pay the $3 for the taxi - that would be great. If not, we have a wonderful benefactor who has given us taxi money so we can reimburse. This can be a person who can do one day a week or someone who can only do it once.

We need people to serve at the hospital and people to help clean up. Our ability to continue to use the hospital kitchen is dependent on leaving the facility as clean as we found it. Fluency in Spanish is not necessary. We have Bi-lingual Ecuadorians and Gringos involved in the project.

Hospital Vincente Calle Moscoso

Robert Higgins: