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My thanks and a little information

Many thanks to those who responded to my post last week about paying the exit tax on excess cash at Guayaquil airport. As it turns out, my concerns were unwarranted. There was absolutely no paper work, financial questions, or declarations required by the folks at immigration. The table to declare and pay the tax was still there as you enter the departure hall, but again, was unmanned.

I would also like to pass on my kudos to the immigration folks and security screeners (both entering and leaving) at the airport. Everyone was exceptionally friendly and efficient and I cleared both in less than 5 minutes. Their new methods are to be commended. Oh, and by the way, there were no questions about health insurance during my entry 10 days before and again Monday night as I was leaving.

Now (if I may) a little advice: If you haven’t already done so, you might want to look into using your smart phone for checking in for your flights. Just download your airlines’ App and follow their directions. Very seamless and efficient. Disclaimer: Without any baggage to check I was able to bypass a couple of hundred other passengers lined up at the check-in counter and proceed directly to the international departure doorway where a young fellow just scanned my mobile (electronic) boarding pass and sent me on my way.

In addition the US Customs and Border Protection now have an App called Mobile Passport which really expedites US and Canadian citizens’ entry into the US.

Try ‘em both – you should really like ‘em.

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