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Gringo warning: Death by illegal hooch

In late October, at least 15 people died from illegal methanol based liquor. In 2011 over 50 died in one instance, with 200 hospitalized.

This problem is rampant, and not confined to poor Ecuadorians.

Two months ago I went to the coast looking for a bar to run. The gringo showed me six one-gallon jugs in his fridge of this toxic crap that he sells to his customers.

He buys it for $10/gallon. His distributor gets it for $1/gallon.

These people are putting your health at risk to raise their profits.

How to protect yourself?

Even if you ask to see the bottle and watch it poured you can be fooled.

Your better bet is sticking with a good reputation and paying reasonable prices for your drinks.

What do you think is in two full cocktails for $3.50? It’s rot-gut at best, toxic at worst.

The Bonobo Bob Pledge:

As we introduce our cocktail mixes to the finer establishments in Cuenca, from this point on any potential bar will be questioned if they use illegal booze.

If I sense anything wrong, they will not be allowed to carry our cocktail mixes.

This is no guaranty of safety, but it’s a start.

La Cilindrada, Friday, 2 PM – 3:30 PM. Roberto Crespo 3-47 in El Vergel next to Luis Moreno Mora (Bus #16)

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