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C&C unisex hair design peluqueria

Don’t you agree that the way you maintain your hands and feet is a sure tell-tale of the level of your personal hygiene and overall health? • Manicures and pedicures help exfoliate your skin, and they also help in removing any callouses on your feet.
* They will help keep your nails clean and tidy which will prevent fungal infections.
* Grooming your nails will prevent them from breaking or painful chipping. It also prevents dry cuticles, hang nails or broken skin.
* Massaging is a part of the process and it helps boost blood circulation, which means – you’re less likely to develop wrinkles on the hands through the years besides eliminating any kind of swelling, numbness or pain.
* It’s a great stress buster.
So please call us today we offer every Monday and Tuesday manicure and pedicure for only $10
And we take good care of your hair. We recommend you the best style for your daily routine.

Av. Ordóñez Lasso Building, Los Olivos 6192 in front of hotel Oro Verde's parking lot

Clemencia Vizhñay: 098 814 8902