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Bodhi Burgers, Report 8

I know so many you have been awaiting this news. We are now offering onion rings for $2.50 per serving. We are also planning to be able to offer root beer floats. The floats are about 1 month out. Chime in and let me know if you are interested in root beer floats or even 6 packs of root beer.

Today we were at Escuela de los Corezones, the largest high school in Cuenca. With well over 3000 people in attendance and 8 food options, we were the number one selling food. This proves again that Cuenca Loves Bodhi Burgers.

Many of you have asked about the franchising opportunity regarding Bodhi Burgers. We are now looking at locations and have several investors to open Bodhi Burgers number 2. We are still looking for around $30-$40,000 to be able to open number 2. If you want to learn about an amazing opportunity to be part of what we believe will be a large chain of Bodhi Burgers franchises, contact us. We are offering either hands-on or turnkey hands-off options where we provide all of the management services to run the franchise for you.

Don’t forget, we now offer home delivery and have a special new menu that features, homemade olive oil based mayonnaise, pickles, our Bodhi Burgers chocolate sauce, ghee, aji, and quarts of our homemade ice cream.

Lastly our commitment to you is fresh food cooked to perfection. If you ever receive, fries or meat that is over or under-cooked, don’t hesitate to come up to the counter and we will replace it to your specifications.

One last thing. We are considering a Stevia based chocolate ice cream. We would love to know if a sugar free ice cream option is of interest to you. Let us know.

Mariscal Sucre 17-80

Bodhi Kroll: 095 906 0381