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What are car insurance options?

Some kids broke my sunroof last month. I called, texted and emailed my insurance provider for a week before I got a call back. What if it was a major accident with people hurt? Yikes!

My agent had 49 days to coordinate a claim with the other insurance company. Despite several pings and reminders from me, he failed to even acknowledge my correspondence, never mind coordinate the claim.

When I confronted him with this failure, he apologized and said there wasn't enough time. Apparently 49 days isn't sufficient time to execute 15 minutes of paperwork and phone calls.

When I protested at this, my agent suggested I could make the claim on my policy, pay the deductible and have my rates increase as a result of a (no fault) claim.

So, I've been forced to pay a $2K repair bill, and I'm left to negotiate (alone) with the other insurance company for reimbursement, where I'll be asked to pay their deductible if I want them to process the claim.

There was zero negotiation for $250 additional expenses I bore for temporary repairs and taxis while I was without a car. The only negotiation that took place was to save the other insurance company money on the part - arbitrarily and w/o notice or approval from me, my agent offered to have the repair parts sent on the slow boat, forcing me to drive an unsecure vehicle for six weeks instead of two.

This negotiation to reduce the bill was "just in case" the other insurance company ends up paying, but this presumes I wish to hire an attorney to negotiate for me. I'm left wondering who my agent works for, me or the other insurance company.

Anyone have any recommendations for resolve or is this par for the course? I'll be shopping for some insurance; feedback from the community is appreciated.

Thank you kindly.