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Supporting Telleres de MMAM

Marco Antonio Machado Delgado and Claudio Alberto Soriano have joined together with a dozen other artists and artisans to address a critical issue central to artists and artisans: Mentoring the next generation of creatives in Cuenca.

You are invited to see the results of this collaboration at the Municipal Museum of Art Modern, San Sebastian Plaza, from November 1st through November 10th.

Curated by Robert Bradley and co-directed by Gina Ambrosi, this exhibition and art show showcases a variety of mediums being explored in Cuenca while establishing new program vital to enhancing the arts.

Vinculo: Reunion de Arte y Artesanias.
Municipal Museum of Art Modern
November 1st - November 10th

In consort with the University of Cuenca, Vinculo establishes a program that will record a video based/oral history archive of artisans in Cuenca that will be updated throughout the year.
Vinculo also establishes a continuing fundraising program to benefit the students of Telleres de MMAM.
Alberto Soriano, Eduardo Segovia, David Williams, Jamie Lara, and Klever Moscoso will be showing their recent paintings, drawings, and ceramic art.
As a special treat, three of Mr. Soriano’s students who he has guided to exhibition level, will be showing their work along with their maestro. They are: Evelyn Johnson, Lorena Duca, and Sandra Doren.
Eduardo Carrasco, ,Robert Bradley, Diego Toral, Evelyn Johnson, Burt Johnson, and Mauricio Torres will be showing their recent photography.
20% of all sales will go to assist in creating classes, developing workshops, providing material support, and mentoring young artists and artisans attending Telleres de MMAM.
Throughout the 10 day exhibit there will numerous workshops and demonstrations.
Please join us in supporting the next generation of artists and artisans in Cuenca.

Nov. 1st - Nov. 10th, Municipal Museum of Art Modern, Cuenca.

Robert Bradley: