GringoPost | Ecuador: Shrub fest: New Cilindrada Artisan’s Market: Friday, El Vergel

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Shrub fest: New Cilindrada Artisan’s Market: Friday, El Vergel

Hey shrub fans,

La Cilindrada in El Vergel is offering a tasty $5 lunch to launch their first Artisan’s Market this Friday, 2 PM – 3:30 PM.

You’ve heard of Bonobo Bob’s shrubs, so now come and try a taste.

Few things make life as easy or food taste so good.

And I’ll have at least one shrub craft cocktail available for you to sample at a minimal cost.

Bar and restaurant owners: Ask about our new wholesale prices for bulk liter orders, and request a price sheet showing the cost per serving.

Bonobo Bob’s shrub dressings and cocktail mixes will put a smile on your customer’s faces, make life easier on your chef and bartender, and help you to increase your bottom line.

La Cilindrada, 3-47 Roberto Crespo (closest cross street is Luis Moreno Mora), just a few blocks up from the soccer stadium.
Friday, 6 Oct., 2 PM – 3:30 PM

The perfect Bonobo Bob’s craft shrub cocktail

Are you tired of the same old tonic and soda pop mixes tainting your favorite hooch?

Or drinks so watered down you can’t taste your liquor?

Bonobo Bob’s craft shrub cocktails are an easy and refreshing way to enhance quality liquors with a subtle mix of bright herb and fruit flavors.

And without all the sugar your head will feel better in the morning if you have too much fun.

The Bonobo Bob craft shrub cocktail:

12 oz. rocks glass full of ice
1 1/2 oz. specified liquor, mid-shelf
1/2 oz. Bonobo Bob Cocktail Mix
1 - 1 1/2 oz. fresh Güitig water
Stir 12 times

You can always adjust to taste, but as we say, start right to end right.

The Vilcabamba Tin Hat – Vodka
The Montañita Pearl Diver – Whisky
The Sangay Stinger – Tequila
The Cuencan Dark and Stormy – Rum
The Gringo Sling - Gin

Proudly Served at:

Casa Azul Galería Café, Plaza San Sebastián
The Bunker, Chaullabamba
Pigro Italian Restaurant, Montañita Centro
Lido’s Beach Bar and Grill, Montañita beach

Sold at:

Bene Placito, Plaza de Las Americas (inside next to Supermaxi)
Cuenca Consignments, Isabella and Primero de Mayo

Bonobo Bob’s Tribu de Amor
One Race, One Planet, One Future

Bob Kezer:  099 447 0229