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Recommendation for Visa Angels- Jodie, visa assistance

My heartfelt thanks to Jodie and Gio for all their guidance as I obtained my temporary visa. With instructions from Jodie, I was able to take care of all the necessary paperwork while vacationing in the states, and then went with them to Azogues to file for residency. Even with my overactive questioning, Jodie managed to keep me calm, and yesterday I became the proud owner of my new visa.

I wanted to take the challenge of dealing with certified copies and apostilles, and can tell you that the hardest part was waiting for things to arrive. As a reference, I started requesting original copies in mid- April, and got the longest awaited apostille, the FBI report, back in the 3rd week of May. None of the apostilles cost me more than $15. I used a facilitator to obtain my original FBI report, just because I had heard that the timelines were too long for direct dealing. I also used priority mailing for each request.

With Visa Angels, you pay an hourly fee for Jodie to accompany you at filing and receiving, and she gives her advice for free as you move through the process. Gio gets a flat fee for being your chauffeur, and is also knowledgeable about the steps needed. The amount of volunteer time given is amazing, and I loved being an active part of the process.

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for walking me through this important step in my new life.

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