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Juicing for health

Nectar now offers freshly made, red and green and any color juice from high-quality beautiful fresh fruits, veggies, herbs and spices and super food powders. Others may offer juicing for as high as $5 per 500 ml, but we can do it for half the price.
Why? Because we can!

Our juices are made with good, fresh and preferably organic fruit and vegetables. N├ęctar offers them as fresh as possible to ensure the vitamins and enzymes are still active. Also Probiotic juice made from pressed sauerkraut (lacto-fermented cabbage) itself which is very nutritious, feeding the depleted intestinal flora.

We offer One week to 6 month Juicing protocols.

What to expect:

Juicing addresses nutritional deficiencies and toxicity all at once. An example will be unclogging drains with caustic soda (sodium hydroxide). In a similar way vegetable juices break down to a more powerful cleanser... potassium hydroxide! As cells are bathed in this alkaline cleanser they take up the potassium and release the acidity (toxicity) which can be safely disposed of by the body organs. Vegetable juicing is the fastest way to achieve this.

The benefits:
Gain of energy, meal replacement, loss of excess body weight, healthier look (which can mean a lot of things), enhanced performance (this has a few meanings itself), extended life span (receive extra pension checks)

Getting your juice from Nectar will guarantee you quality in fruits and veggies. You won't have to go through the washing process which we do it meticulously as we have to rinse well, scrub and then bathe in natural solutions and then Rinse again in order to rid of all possible pests and microbes
You don't have to buy expensive juicers like the masticating juicer that ensures that enzymes don't disappear in the process. You don't have to clean your juicer, which takes up time over the sink!
We do all that for you and we present the final juice in glass containers that ensure there is no BPA entering your body from plastic containers.

Come by Nectar today for your fresh juices and snacks and to find out more and begin your healthy journey.

WhatsApp 099 964 9886- facebook: nectarcuenca

Benigno Malo 12-27 and Gaspar Sangurima

Yianni: 099 964 9886