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JEP Visa debit card - PayPal issue?

I picked up a Visa debit card from JEP a few weeks ago. It was a pretty simple and swift process to get the card, but actually using the thing has been a headache.

I work online so I handle all of my money by means of PayPal. I'm from the Bahamas and have another debit card from one of the banks there. I've been able to use it along with PayPal for years. JEP, however, claims it does not support PayPal. I got this new card from JEP to avoid paying the fees that I incur with my other card since it's being used internationally.

I'm currently back and forth with the bank trying to get money that I sent from PayPal to the card. I did it as a test to make sure everything worked, and low and behold, it's an issue. According to JEP the process is "very complicated" and they could hardly tell me anything. I find that strange since PayPal sent a small fee to the card for verification and the money was zapped away almost instantly. Now when I try to put money on, it's conveniently a very 'complicated' and delayed process.

So, I'm writing out this question to ask if a Visa debit card should play by the same rules regardless of the bank. PayPal has Ecuador listed in its list of supported countries. My other debit card from the much smaller country of the Bahamas works just fine as I said, so why would the Visa card from JEP have problems?

AK Rahming