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Health Insurance Education Workshops Vilcabamba for South Ecuador

Tues, Thurs, Friday, Oct 24, 26, 27, 9 AM. Located at the Young Living plus store in the park Vilcabamba, Ecuador near Loja. Get informed, make decisions, sign up, learn about the pros and cons of less versus private insurance.

Yes, Bellgencia using Andres Best English speaking agent and the agent means everything. Can even help you if you are out of country and need to purchase and get certification done. In Vilcabamba we have a low cost attorney who for $10 will take the certificate with your docs and have them registered. We asked them to have workshops to discuss how to use the insurance and get the most out of it. Because of that we are asking for a favorite local vilca doctor who is alternative and who prescribes to be added to the in network but that is because Andres is a savvy agent who will go to great lengths to help customers in a region that he supports to get more and better coverage and use of insurance. We are having so many happy people who were wondering what to do. But the answer isn't simple nor one size fits all. Some people are better off with IESS and some people are better with private. Some private insurances won't insure over 75 years old, but Bellgencia will. Some privates won't take you with pre-existing but Bellgencia doesn't even care about it, unless it is recurring and it won't matter for the first 365 days of the first year policy. If you want more in details. email contact us. We just helped some friends who are in the Middle East and returning. Another one in Scotland and two in Canada. Some have debit credit cards but one didn't so we did a paypal and helped them with the paperwork. Some are residents visa holders returning after Nov 8. and some are new comers who want to visit after Nov. 8 and didn't want to get crappy travel insurance that is expensive and does not cover 80/20 when it is possible to have that before you even come to visit.

Oct. 24, 26, 27, Tues, Thurs, Fri, 9 AM, Vilcabamba Loja. Ecuador Young Living plus store in the park, Loja.

Sage Mind:  098 591 4772 or 512 704 7028. Call after Call after: 8 AM.