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Enneagram Immersion Class starts in November

Widely known as a system of personality types, the Enneagram is that and much more. It is actually a map of human consciousness, drawing both from wisdom teachings of ancient spiritual sources and the science of modern psychology. Working with the Ego and our personality structure involves getting to know our Inner Critic, also known as Shadow work because we are typically unaware of it. Once we befriend our shadows, we become more fully present and as such, our Essential Nature and inherent gifts naturally emerge and blossom. This is what study of the Enneagram offers us – a path of liberation from the limited perspectives of our Ego/Personality structures.

The class will cover the map of the nine personality types, and you will gain understanding of the path each type can take from the habitual and limiting patterns of personality to the inner core of its true nature. In this immersion class, you will gain deeper understanding of your own psychological patterns and your spiritual gifts. You then have both the map and the tools to achieve a greater sense of psychological and spiritual health, self-esteem, acceptance, peace, joy and ease.

The class will start with a 2.5 hour overview and introduction followed by three six-hour week-end sessions (final dates determined by class participants).

Class Dates:
Introduction and Overview, November 9, 3:30-6:00
The Body Center Types: 8, 9, 1: Nov. 11 or 12, 10-4 PM
The Heart Center Types: 2, 3, 4: Nov. 18 or 19, 10 – 4 PM
The Head Center Types: 5, 6, 7: Nov. 26 or Dec. 2, 10 – 4 PM

Class size limited to 15. For more information or to register, email

Class Fee: $150 (includes an individual one-hour deep dive session into your individual type).

Manya Arond-Thomas, MD, is a psychiatrist, professionally trained coach and trainer, and transformational counselor who loves helping others become freer of self-limiting patterns.

November, 2017, Cuenca

Manya Arond-Thomas