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Do you want your internet, computer and TV to work right?

I am posting this as I have had a significant number of inquiries over the last several years from folks that just moved here or moved to a new house/apartment and have all sorts of issues with their network connectivity including:

- Computers/laptops/tablets not getting a signal in some parts of the home
- TV/Roku/Amazon/Kodi will not work reliably, jitters, stops, long load times, won't play, etc.

Utilizing repeaters to "patch" up these problems is a substandard solution which may lead to more frustrations and lost money. I cannot recommend taking ineffective shortcuts to get a quick fix.

Do yourself a favor. If any of these things matter to you and you want them to work well,
consult with me before you sign the lease and move in.

If you have already signed a lease and moved in, you might still consult me. I may be able to help.

I can come out to the property and review everything and advise on what can be done to improve it to proper standards and in the most economical manner before you end up having headaches, frustration, lost time and additional expense due to poor design, lacking infrastructure, bad cabling/connections and other substandard issues.

For more info, reach out to me via WhatsApp at 097 899 2723 or via email, I do respond frequently.

Bryan: 097 899 2723