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Concert of the Brass Band of the Symphonic Orchestra of Cuenca in tribute to CIDAP

The Brass Band of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra, coordinated by Maestro Cristian Tacuri Álvarez, will be presented on Friday, October 27 at 7 PM in the CIDAP Gardens as a tribute to the XV Festival of Crafts of America CIDAP, 2017. The entrance is free.

The repertoire is: When the Saints Go Marching In (Brass Quintet) by Katharine Purvis, Moonlight Serenade * by Glen Miller, El Condor happens * by Daniel Alomía Robles, The Stars and Stripes Forever * by John Philip Sousa, The Subend Senén Eduardo Palacios, Tribute to Michael Jackson, King of Pop * (Thriller, Heal the World, Billie Jean, Earth Song and Beat it) and Salsa Medley * (Las Caleñas are like flowers, I stay in Barranquilla, The Rebellion, Amores like ours, Cachondea) all the works to be interpreted are arrangements and adaptation for Brass-Band by Cristian Tacuri Álvarez, who is a songwriter of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra.

Chamber music:

During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, aristocrats, cardinals and other members of the high society called small groups of musicians to appear in their halls, even in their bedrooms, that's how chamber music was born. With the rise of the bourgeoisie in society, private chamber concerts gradually became public. In chamber music each musician plays a different part and performs without a conductor. Musicians should be positioned so that they can look at each other to achieve the best coordination. The chamber compositions comprise from two to ten instruments, larger groups already form a chamber orchestra with a director in front. In a chamber music group there are many possible instrumental combinations, the most important being the string quartet, since the combination of four voices allows the composer the greatest melodic, harmonic and dynamic richness. In addition, the homogeneity of the sound of four string instruments has a great aesthetic quality. Another usual chamber ensemble is one or several solo instruments with piano accompaniment. The formation of the group of metals - horns, trumpets, trombones and tuba - has inspired many composers to beautiful works and has had a great boom in the twentieth century from Canada and the USA, since in this continent the technical advance in the instruments of metal has been huge and determining for everyone. (Conductor Michael Meissner, Principal Conductor of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra).

As always, we count on all of you to enjoy together the passion for music!
Ana Dávila Vázquez. Manager,

Public Relationship of the Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca

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