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Automatically renewed health insurance?

The EC government is demanding (only) Cuencanans have health insurance policies that do not expire in one year, never. Are automatically renewed annually. Has anyone ever been able to buy such a policy anywhere? We have never heard of a health insurance policy term for more than one year, anywhere.

But what of permanent resident gringos that have US civil service health insurance and are unable to get certification of coverage that states their policies are automatically renewed annually?
Or even certification of coverage at all though they have various documents, recent EOBs, etc.
And what of gringos that have complicated prostheses or procedures for which they believe would require revisions and replacements in the US at some point, and would return there for such?
We were quoted more than $3,000 annual premium for health insurance by a leading health insurance company here with serious questions of concern regarding coverage of pre-existing conditions (we read the policy).

We are paying nearly $4,000 annually for US civil service coverage. We cannot afford both coverages and dare not cancel the US policy. It cannot be renewed once cancelled. Seems we have been placed "between the rock and the hard place" by this demand,