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Recommendation for Saji, Ayurveda Massage

If you're searching for a real solution for health, I really recommend Amma Indian Ayurvedic Massage at Coronel Vargas Torres 2-32 y Tarqui.

I can't say enough about the massage treatment I'm receiving from Saji for my long term chronic health conditions. I have CFS and Fibromyalgia amongst other things. Saji is an actual Ayurvedic doc just recently here from India. He uses a number of unusual and diverse ayurvedic oil and manipulation techniques. I can tell it's helping my body to detox. First day was like doing an olive oil detox, but he simply does it by deep massaging herbal infused oils into my body. After every treatment, I typically feel clean and alkaline.

I also have arm and leg injuries. And within just a couple of treatments, it seems that these usually aching injuries no longer hurt -- Saji chiropractically adjusts, and then muscle massages to relax and straighten joints. He does also correct my spine through his stretching and adjusting manipulations.

I feel that within 3 treatments I am far more loose and flexible. And so, Saji really seems to be helping the 'older age' pains and problems along with relieving my autoimmune problems.

If you've tried it all like me, this is really worth giving a try. It's not a typical massage. This one really gives a punch.

Call me with any questions. Michelle: 099 868 0868

Address: Coronel Vargas Torres 2-32 y Tarqui.

Contact information:  098 302 2784

Recommended by Michelle Faber: 099 868 0868