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Read the Ascension Perspective

The Ascension Perspective

• To access total renewal, whole body health, healing of the Spirit, mind, brain, and DNA.
• To reconstruct your unconscious mind.
• To consciously and regularly rise above the frustrations of daily life.
• To maintain true hope when all seems hopeless.
• To be inspired toward confidence and a superior way to live.
• To find a new life that moves beyond cause and effect, time, and Karma.
• To understand the principles of living that bring unending joy and peace
• To learn to love the unlovable in yourself and in others.
• To never feel alone, unworthy, or excluded again.
• To become extraordinarily creative, moment by moment, in all that you do.
• To open to possibilities you could never imagine.
• To learn to create anything you need, a move from fear to gratitude.
• To add lasting purpose to your life.
• To know what really matters daily and in the future to all life on Planet Earth.
• To know that you can be guided on a moment-to-moment basis, with the support of Creation and its Creator.
• To have your own direct channel of communication with LIFE.
• To learn a new form of Love, a love that includes all, with a new sense of integrity.
• To gain one of life’s greatest gifts, a change in perspective.
• To value your intuition anew.
• To be prepared for and become a major player in our planet’s transformation.

The Ascension Perspective is available on Amazon, ebook or soft cover

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Dr. Kelly R. Bennett
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Dr. Kelly R. Bennett