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Older routers and electronic (junk)

I was very generously given a router and a Raspberry Pi from a user on this forum, and while I have been way too busy to work with the Pi, I wanted to post what I did with the router. I turned the TP-Link (model TP-Link TL-WR740N v4) into a WIFI repeater that gives me wirelessly connected RJ45 plugs from upstairs 3rd floor where the fiber optic comes into the home down to the 1st floor to create a small network that shares resources throughout the home.

Here is what I did:

*I located dd-wrt (open source firmware for routers) here:

* Then I basically followed the instructions provided here verbatim:

I spent a decent amount of time doing research and sadly the WIFI isn't perfect downstairs on my older phone (the primary motivation for the project), but I have yet to spend time and figure out if this is caused by phone (I have found some routers don't seem to play nice with iPhones here), the older router, or a configuration issue with dd-wrt.

I asked here before but have been too busy to follow up with some very generous offers (first I wanted to give back to this community, and there just isn't enough time in my days lately), but if anyone knows where I can buy older (or is willing to part with older electronic for free) I have a bunch of projects that I would love to eventually pursue.

Tim Thayer: .

City: Cuenca