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New book released by Cuenca author, J. Michael Herron

Healing Hayley, now available.

The second book in the Breaking Free series, Healing Hayley, is now available for purchase on Amazon in both Kindle and print versions. Below is a link to where you can purchase it.

Here is a brief description to stimulate your reading appetite:

Suspense! Romance! Fantasy! Intrigue!

A beautiful young woman is on the run. She isn't sure whether she's running towards something or just trying to escape an unhappy home situation. All she knows is she's desperate to get away.

A chance encounter with a complete stranger in New York City, and the terrifying events she and the man both witness, sets Hayley Lassiter's life off in a new direction. The cross-country trip they embark on is only the beginning of a number of strange and mystical experiences that lie ahead.

Just when Hayley thinks things are finally settling down, and she's found the love and future she so desperately desires, fate throws her yet another curve. This time she finds herself an unwitting victim of the greed of a multi-billion-dollar corporation. With the aid of a detective and lawyer, she battles against the odds.

Determined to never give up, and to make a difference with her life, it will take every bit of courage and strength she can find to overcome the obstacles placed in her path.

Forced to grow up beyond her years, Hayley's journey, as she learns about what is truly important in the world, inspires compassion and respect from others whose lives she touches along the way.

Mike Herron