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First of all, I am not an expert, but just relaying my experience on acquiring my licenses. Here are the following steps that I did:

1. Acquire driving records from the States. It needs to be apostilled and translated (Which means your license has to be valid). The records will be good for about a year. Don’t leave Ecuador after you received you driving records.

2. Get your finger pricked at the Red Cross (Cruz Roja). Located on Presidente Borrereo y Juan Jaramillo. Just walk in and it is the door on the right. One card each license. No appointment necessary, $5 for the first card $2 for the second. Honestly not sure if the second was needed or not. This only took about 20 minutes depending on how many people waiting in line.

3. You have to get an Eye/Hearing/Dexterity/Reflex test. So you can go to any of the driving schools. Two that I know of are: A Conducir ( and Practicar. Remember that you have to obtain a form for each license. If I remember correctly the total was $20 for both forms. Probably took me about 45 minutes including waiting.

4. At some point, you should be studying. If you know any Spanish that will just make it easier. Here is the link where you can practice online sample tests. The real tests are exactly like this: You either select Licencia Tipo A (Moto) or Licencia Tipo B (Auto). There are 331 questions to study for the Auto and 347 questions for the motorcycle. The first 295 questions in the motorcycle are the same for the auto, along with an additional 8 from the auto. You 20 minutes to obtain a score of 16 out of 20. No way of going back once you have entered your selection. The practice test online will give you your score and allow you to review all answers. They do not try to trick you up. It is multiple choice between three choices. The order of the answers are always the same and the wording does not change. Probably for me the hardest part were the signs. There are some tricks to many questions that you will figure out or contact me, and I will explain them to you. Here is the link where you can download the translated tests (a word and pdf file):

5. Go to the ANT website and setup an appointment to take the test(s). This appointment is just for the day it does not matter what time you have.

6. After you have registered for the tests, you need to pay for the license(s). And you can only pay for one at a time. They can be paid for at Banco Pacifico. There is a small Pacifico right next to ANT. The cost is $135 plus $1.10 service fee. My apologies you have to have your original cedula for everything. This is how everything is tracked. You will get a receipt from the bank, don’t lose it.

7. Day of the test. Take all paperwork with passport and cedula to the ANT office. ANT Agencia Nacional de Transito located on Av de los Cerezos one block off Av Ordonez Lasso. Within four of blocks of the Palermo edificio. Remember to have duplicate copies of driving records if getting more than one license. Of course you can get copies made locally. So you enter the building and go to information (to the left) to get a number. There are six administrators that will be calling the numbers (electronic number sign). So, while you are waiting, you have to get your eyes checked again and the doctor will ask a few questions. Get this done while waiting to turn in your paper work. Yes the doctor will give you some more paperwork. After submitting all paperwork, you will go into another room and take the test. After passing wait for you license to be printed then you are free to go.
I would either go early in the morning when they open or any time after 2:00. Ask me how I know? This process should have taken about 1-1 ½ hours for both tests. But there were so many people that I was behind when I arrived. Then it ran into lunch (since I was getting both licenses whoever you started with completes everything). So everything took me 4 ½ hours. That’s OK. I walked out of there with my Licencia Tipo A and B.
8. Good luck and hope this helps you out.


City: Cuenca