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Young student seeks donations for musical studies abroad

Young, enterprising, with desire for improvement seeks donations for university studies abroad.

I’m planning to go to Rutgers University, one of the colleges where I was accepted, which has an amazing percussion faculty, and a great music program. I know this is exactly the education I wanted to get from the beginning, one that will expand my musical horizons, and it will take me as far as I can dream.

Unfortunately, obstacles on the rocky way of pursuing a dream and achieving a goal are part of life. In my case, I have to pay for college. This is a big problem, since my family lives and earns a living in Ecuador, and the tuition to attend Rutgers University is simply unaffordable for us. I’m afraid that the financial limitation will prevent me from moving forward and that everything I have done and worked so hard for will become irrelevant if I don’t find a financial solution.

In the meantime, I am keeping my spirits high, my hopes alive, and working my way through all the means I can possibly find and imagine to keep my pursuit of success a realistic pursuit.

You can see all my history and donations links in the following link:

Mateo Urgiles: .

City: Cuenca