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Renewable energy for home and other energy related services.

Hello everyone,

If you are interested in renewable energy and energy efficiency at home and other applications, we can help you.

We develop, design and install renewable energy projects such as solar, wind, micro-hydro power and others, to achieve energy self-sufficient homes and other residential infrastructure.

Other benefit you can gain from renewable sources such as solar energy, is water heating for different uses at home.

On the other hand we can also give you solutions to make your day to day more comfortable and convenient, by analyzing and improving:

- Thermal comfort.
- Domotics: control and automation of household appliances and other systems such as lightning, ventilation, heating and cooling and security.
- Energy consumption: reduce your energy bills.

If you have a project in mind let us be part of it.

Or if you are just looking for advice or have a question, give us a call.
We are gonna give you a solution that fits your needs.

Kind regards,

Christian Merch├ín:  099 719 9714