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Reminder: Free Workshop Mon.- Learn How to Green Your Home

You know how cleaning products can sometimes make you hack and cough a bit, or they turn your skin red, or cause water eyes, or a headache, or cause an allergic reaction like a rash?

Well, I've been there. I once cleaned my entire home with chemicals. I didn't realize I wasn't actually making my home clean, but was making it more dirty and harmful with toxic chemicals.

And so - what I do now is I teach people how to actually get their homes clean, clean, clean, with absolutely zero chemicals. Because I want to help people have safe and healthy homes, without harming their health.

Not only that, my techniques work better in less time and actually remove more germs than all the traditional cleaners. Don't believe me? Ha. I know this may sound nuts. But I promise you will be amazed. I can't wait to teach you.

(Also, I know my invitation mentions essential oils. But these are optional and not necessary for the cleaning technique I will teach you.)

See you there. Cheers to greening your home.

Monday, August 28th, 4 PM, free, Near Parque Iberia, Cuenca.