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Recommendation for visiting nurse, in home nursing

Recommendation for Poulin Jose. A registered nurse from India.
She has been certified by SENASYST to practice nursing here in Ecuador.

On June 21st, I had full knee replacement surgery. Thanks to friends, I was able to borrow the necessary physical equipment that I would need in my recovery but I really did not have any idea what my actual recovery would be like. Nor was I aware of the ancillary illnesses Í would contract along the way, after all I was only in the hospital for 30 hours.

This is where Poulin stepped in. She is an Expat and speaks both English and Spanish.

She received her nursing education in India and worked as a nurse in the Heart transplant operating room. Her degree has been accepted by Ecuador. She nursed me through several rounds of illness immediately after the surgery, then there were the stubbed toes and toes irritated by the compression socks that I had to wear post-surgery, or the the puffy face (who knew that would happen. Probably a bug byte). She took specimen samples to be analyzed for the post-surgical illnesses that I acquired. She cleaned, inspected and massaged my wound regularly. She made sure that the bedroom was cleaned and disinfected daily, washing the floors and dusting regularly. She made sure that the wound bandages did not get wet. I quickly lost any sense of modesty I had after needing a shower for several days. After I managed to put the shower chair leg on one of my toes she would message and bathe my foot to help relieve the pain.

Poulin attended my Physical Therapy sessions and other post-surgery Doctor’s appointments. As the weeks progressed and I started my physical therapy she re-enforced the regimen laid out for me by the Physical Therapist. After me compensating for my arthritic knees for many years she has been helping me to correct my posture and reminding me of the way that I should be walking. She also cooked/prepared my lunchtime meals on occasion whether it was something from the fridge or one of the Indian dishes she knew.

She has been professional throughout the whole process

I can heartily recommend her for in home nursing care. Poulin is available by the hour, half-day, full day and longer periods by contract.

Address: Mobile - Cuenca Ecuador. Website: Visiting-Nurse-Health-System-Cuenca

Contact information: 099 261 2630 / Whatsapp:+917 02 592 5277

Recommended by Doug Morgan: