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Recommendation for Michael Pettella, DC, chiropractic and massage

Recently while visiting in Cuenca, I was experiencing neck and upper back pain. This problem had been bothering me for several years and was getting worse. Upon the recommendation of friends I visited Dr. Michael J.Pettella, DC. He quickly evaluated the problem with my neck and back and made a chiropractic adjustment. After his adjustment I felt considerable relief from the pain in my neck and back. Dr. Pettella made room in his busy schedule to see me for a second visit before I left Cuenca, and after the second visit I felt even more relief from the pain. Dr. Pettella was very understanding and sympathetic of my pain and genuinely wanted to see me feeling better before I left Cuenca. I feel better now than I have for many years.

I would highly recommend Dr. Pettella and his chiropractic service to anyone. He is a warm and caring man and is skillful and knowledgeable in his practice.

Address: Rafael Maria Arizaga (18-62) y Octavio Cordero , Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: Cell 099 577 9533

Recommended by John Wigglesworth: