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Recommendation for Joseph Guznay, visa facilitator

I read a recommendation for Mr. Guznay here on GringoPost a couple of years ago. From 2015 to 2017 before we moved, I exchanged emails with him regarding visa document requirements and the new law. We arrived in Cuenca mid-July, met with Mr. Guznay on July 28, and we received our visas August 28. We were unable to obtain a document proving our income prior to our departure from the States, so in addition to obtaining our temporary residency visas within a month, Mr. Guznay also obtained an apostilled verification of our income for us. Mr. Guznay lives in Quito and charges $500 per person for his services. He happened to be in Cuenca at the end of July so we met with him and gave him our apostilled documents, but our passports were sent to and from Quito using Servientrega. We did not need to travel anywhere, wait in any lines, explain anything in Spanish or be at the mercy of a government employee who might be having a bad day. Having heard horror stories about people having trouble getting their visas within the 90-day duration of the tourist visa, I am very glad to have had someone else handle this task. FYI - no request was made for any proof of insurance and Mr. Guznay has advised us that cedulas are not being issued at this time to those with temporary residency visas.

Address: Quito

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