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Human Mobility Law Regulation: Conference at the Chamber of Commerce.

Health Insurance, IESS, and Household Goods Talk and Conference at the Chamber of Commerce.

The Regulation on the Human Mobility Law was signed by President Lenin Moreno last August 3rd, and once we have the Regulation on the law, we would like to invite you all who are interested in knowing the changes of this law, The Health Insurance and Household Goods, which will take place at the Chambers of Commerce located at Av. Federico Malo 1-90 and Av. 12 de Abril, front of Parque de La Madre on Thursday, August 24th, 2017, at 4 PM.

We will provide important information about this new Regulation on the law that had just been approved and Social Security decisions.

We have been waiting for this law for a long time now and it has had so many changes, as we have stated before, this law has changes in three main visas:

Tourism: 90 days for countries that don’t require a visa to enter Ecuador and 90 days for the people from countries that require visa to enter Ecuador; after an extension of 90 days as tourists, and an addition to complete one year as a tourist, which can only be used each five years.

Temporal Resident Visa: This is a 24-month visa that has 13 migration status that you may use, and it’s renewable once. In case that you want to stay permanently in Ecuador, you are required to use this visa for at least for 21 months.

The observation of Regulation on the law is that whatever type of Temporary Residence visa you apply to, you have the right to get a CEDULA (Ecuadorian ID) for the time your visa was given.

Likewise, for the Investment CD bank, there will be required a bank deposit of 70 minimum wage for 730 days, the currently minimum wage is $375 giving a total of $26,250

The temporary Resident Visa on Real Estate requires a minimum deposit of 80 minimum wage, that is, this year will be for, $30,000

The new law established a Temporary Resident Visa for exception, which will be given by the Human Mobility authorities in the following cases:
1. When the foreign has to stay in the Country for reason of force majeure
2. When the applicant has to conduct activities specialized in strategic sectors or projects of national interest, the visa will be extended to spouses and children
3. And other cases that the Human Mobility’s authorities considerate necessary


For the people who enter Ecuador, the law will be required after 180 of published

In Health Insurance , for temporary or permanent residency, the law states that the ones who have a temporary residency, have 30 days after the seal on their visas to get full coverage insurance on either private of public health Insurance, after that, the Immigration Office will provide an order to obtain the cedula.

Also, this is very important- those who have a permanent residency visa, after August 7th, 2017, you will have 90 days to provide the Immigration Office full coverage insurance whether it is private or public.


The Regulation on the Law establish that the Ministry of Interior, has 90 days to collect the penalty charges, but up to this date, there aren’t any penalties charged.


Expats who have entered the country as tourist and have overstayed the 90 days and haven’t request a visa extension, won’t be able to enter the country for 2 years after the leaving date unless they pay two minimum salaries, which for this year is $750


Who enters the country as tourist either for 90 or 180 days and meet the time, would be able to enter the country after 9 months in the first case and six in the second case.

We would love to see you there, information provided by Dra. Lina Ulloa and Associates from Ulloa y Zamora Asesores Ecuador. If you have a specific case or any questions, please contact us at, phone: 098 420 5336, US.

Thursday, August 24th 2017, at 4 PM, Av. Federico Malo 1-90 and Av. 12 de Abril

Lina Ulloa