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Hearty Italian shrub vinaigrette: Alaskan shrub tale

I love oil and vinegar dressings for my salad. But for some reason in Cuenca it seems no one ever got the memo about using a touch of sugar to balance out the vinegar.

In other words, the tang here is so strong that going back for a second bite of salad is like getting your jollies zapping yourself with a hand-taser in between shots of cheap Tequila.

Well, maybe I shouldn’t have let that one out of the bag. Let’s just say the old adage about the odds being good but the goods (men) being odd in Alaska did apply in our case. How could it not running with names like Banzai Bob, Dirty Jack, Limber Dick, Raunchy Rick, Renegade Ray, Black Nate, Crazy George, Dangerous Dave, One-eyed Darrel, and just plain dick-dragger for those still making their bones?

But back to the point.

Our Bonobo Bob’s Hearty Italian shrub vinaigrette is the classic oil and vinegar dressing with just enough tang to sparkle your jowls but not so much that you bust your lips grimacing.

Think garlic, sweet basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, sea salt, ground peppercorns, and just enough sugar to balance the tang all mixed to a froth with your favorite extra-virgin olive oil.

Even Roland the headless Thompson gunner comes back for seconds.

Next tastings:

El Salon, Friday, 11 August, 11 AM to 3 PM. Luis Cordero 6-75 y Presidente Córdova.

Santa Canela Bar and Grill, 12 August, 10 AM to 3 PM. Calle Larga 3-82 y Vargas Machuca.

Bob Kezer
Bonobo Bob’s Tribu de Amor
One Race, One Planet, One Future

Bob Kezer:  099 447 0229