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Do we really know whom to recommend?

Hello Community, This time I want to give my opinion on many recommendations here, since I consider that the recommendations given as well as the calls "Top 10" should be real, with the truth and especially from the experience that people have had.

I am sure that it is not correct to give a recommendation just to give it and nothing else, or a recommendation trying to force the community or readers to use the service of someone or somewhere that we do not really know.

Thank God I have my clients who always work with me and now they are more who use my service, many of those who are reading this post could confirm what I am saying because now they are not just my clients, "now most of them are my friends". And they often tell me the bad experiences lived by believing in some recommendations or Top 10.

So I will highlight the following points, the same ones that if not published here will be in the rest of my social networks where my clients and friends are part:

1.- How to recommend a place for food or entertainment when someone has gone once?

2.- How to recommend a driver and say he or she knows all of Ecuador when they have taken them to a single place and only once?

3.- Why in the Top 10 are those who have not had recommendations for several months?

And so I could measure many more points that many of you prefer not to complain or ask but that you know are wrong. I am sure that these are points to reflect on because if we want the best service, we should know that those who recommend us are the right ones.

August, 08 from 12:02 to 11:59, las Margaritas y los Cedros

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