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Big Bagel Bakers Bounteous Beneficence

Cuenca Bagels was founded at the beginning of 2012. We currently ship to several locations around Ecuador and have a distribution center that serves Loja and Vilcabamba. We are featured both at Wind Horse Café and at the lox and bagel breakfast Fridays at Sunrise Café here in Cuenca.

Size: Cuenca Bagels offers three sizes 100 gm, 125 gm, and 150 gm (uncooked weight) for varying degrees of carb addiction. Baked to your order.

Cost: ALL of our bagel varieties are priced the same; additionally Cuenca Bagels has a program where, after five equal size purchases, your sixth is free (delivery charges may apply). This is an additional 18% discount spread over the six orders.

100 gm. $4/5 ($0.80 ea.), $9/13 ($0.69 ea.) over six orders ($0.67 ea.) and ($0.58 ea.)
125 gm. $5/5 ($1.00 ea.), $12/13 ($0.92 ea.) over six orders ($0.83 ea.) and ($0.77 ea.)
150 gm. $5/4 ($1.25 ea.), $15/13 ($1.15 ea.) over six orders ($1.04 ea.) and ($0.96 ea.)

Ingredients: Cuenca Bagels puts many of their ingredients (cranberries, nuts, raisins, chocolate, oatmeal raisin, Parmesan and/or Tilsit cheese, onion, and garlic) into the dough. Sesame and Everything bagels are dressed top and bottom.

Toppings: Cuenca Bagels slices, dries, and chops their onion and garlic.

Where: Cuenca Bagels is on Facebook as well as at

Mixed Order: Cuenca Bagels will be glad to mix your order just leave us a note on the order.

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after 1 PM daily, Presidente Cordova y Padre Aguirrre