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Recommendation for El Patio Urbana, restaurant food court

Listen up folks. You're gonna like this one. The city has developed two sites where multiple cuisine vendors round up their wagons and circle around a central seating area so you can have your own experience which may be different than the person(s) you're with. 

Example: El Patio Urbana is located about 100 feet from the Tres Puentes bridges, on 27 de Febrero. An empty lot has been converted into an 18 trailer (or wagon) eatery. Yes, you can choose from (very modern and clean) trailers offering up sushi, pizza, desserts, gyros, ribs, burgers, and many other styles. So far, my favorite is the $3 arepa sandwiches (from Columbia) in the trailer nearest the bathroom. 

Here's the setup. What used to be an empty lot is now a vibrant, cool, place to go get a bite to eat. You and your friend(s) can choose whatever they want by wandering by each trailer and reviewing their menu. 

In the center of the wagon-circle is the outdoor dining area, a funky, covered setting with piped in music, TV/Video monitors, imaginative light fixtures (ever use a cheese grater for a lampshade?), a play area for kids, bathrooms, and tables/seats made from recycled materials such as shipping pallets. You can even bring your 4-legged friend.

I was happy it wasn't just a bunch of same ol', same 'ol platas tipica of grilled meat, rice, and beans times 18 trailers. No. There's something to please everyone. Hey...gotta car? You can even get it washed while you're chowing down.

There's more than 1 location. The other is located across from Parque de la Madre Planetarium 'Orange Ball', on the same side as McDonalds (but before it) though it's a bit smaller.

These kinds of novel (and inexpensive) ideas need to be supported. They are truly something out of the ordinary, and there's too much of 'ordinary' in Cuenca. So, let's help them be successful and encourage more creativity.

I am not affiliated with any of them. I simply heard about it, went, enjoyed it so much I went back the next day and bought sammiches 'to go' for my friends and they loved what I brought them.

Spread the word.

Address: 27 Febrero y Ave Solano, Cuenca

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