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Recommendation for Bodhi Burgers, restaurant

I have eaten four times at Bodhi Burgers, and I'm loving it. The French fries are particularly great as they are not cooked in that usual cheap toxic rancid vegetable oil, which doesn't remain stable at the high temperatures of frying. I hadn't had a coke in decades, but the sugar-free coke was sweetened with stevia, rather than the extremely toxic aspartame, so I enjoyed a small one that came with the combo. (They have a variety of soft drinks.) I also found the hamburger to be very tasty--with caramelized onions. The whole experience and ambiance reminded me of the purity of food from the '60s, before burgers were cut with soy, and before cows were factory farmed and fed toxic GMO corn. Even the mayo is homemade, using olive oil instead of the deadly GMO canola. The music playing is always from the '50s and '60s and the ambiance is the '50s-style soda/burger shops--even the costumes of the workers. For dessert, try the homemade ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce. Best of all, these are for Ecuadorian prices.

Address: Mariscal Sucre 17-80, on the curve near San Sebas plaza

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