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Meeting at IESS office

I, along with several gringos, a lawyer and IESS staff members, met with a representative from national IESS office in Quito related to the current proposed changes in IESS fees. My purpose in posting is to simply pass on a few things I learned that are "facts". and also an observation and question. First there are only 270 "gringo members of IESS (minus those who have already dropped out). Second the percentages are correct and they will be assessed in time but when and how is still unclear. We gringos of course are voluntary members. Here is how the system works for Ecuadorians who are employed. First it is mandatory for them to be part of IESS. The IESS then collects 20.4 % of your salary half from you and half from your employer. If you want you can choose to join as a voluntary member but you have to pay the whole 20.4%. So, since we gringos have no employer we will have to pay the whole thing. Now this leads me to an observation and question: If this is indeed is the law why were we 270 gringos allowed to sign up for the minimum and pay that for several years which then leads to the question of why then did they all of a sudden decide to enforce the law?