GringoPost | Ecuador: Gran Roca: order delicious, sustainably grown chickens for July 24th

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Gran Roca: order delicious, sustainably grown chickens for July 24th

At Gran Roca, our chickens:

are kept in small groups, (fewer than 100), outside, on pasture, in a protective Chicken Tractor,
are fed whole foods without antibiotics or hormones,
are moved daily to fresh pasture without poop or smell,
are able to scratch in the soil, eat grass and bugs and see the natural daily cycles of day and night.

They are happy, healthy, and content. People who visit our farm don't even know where our chickens are. No noise, no smell, no stress. Makes for a better, healthier, more delicious chicken.

We have a lovely group of Kariokos available for Monday, July 24. The chickens come cleaned and butchered and ready to cook. Butchering options include (1) whole or cut into parts, and (2) with or without organ meat. They are freshly processed and are kept cold (not frozen) until purchase.

The chickens vary in weight a little bit, but at $2.50/lb, most will sell for between $10 and $12.50 of ready to cook meat.

Our chickens quickly sell out. If you want them, simply send an email to letting us know how many Karioko chickens you want and your butchering instructions. You will receive an order confirmation and we will bring it to the Market at the Bayou Caffee on July 24th for you to pick up. Bon app├ętit.

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Rob Gray