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Bodhi Burgers report

Firstly, let me say that our opening week has been beyond our wildest imaginings for how many people would come. Thank you all for your support. We have decided do to the extreme volume of people coming to Bodhi Burgers (95% being Ecuadorian families, students, couples and kids unattended), that we are having to make some major course corrections.

Due to the volume of response and the 18 hour days required to satisfy that need even with the 10 person team we now have, I realize that I am 51 now and not 21. My original plan was to be on site for at least the first 30 days before I would dare take a day off. I am a perfectionist with my cooking and I cannot and will not leave the restaurant during this critical phase. That said, I cannot sustain the work load without 2 days off a week, so we will be closing Monday and Tuesday and opening Wed-Sunday. We will not be offering a Sunday brunch at this time either. Forgive me for over promising and then under-delivering but even in my most optimistic estimates of what might happen when we opened our doors, I never dreamed it would have been this busy. We have not done any advertising for the Cuencanos at all, so when they began streaming in we were surprised and elated.

Our current plan is to open at noon Wed through Sunday. We will plan to stay open until around 10 PM or 11 PM depending on demand and our food stocks.

Once we have trained 2 full teams that can run on their own, then we will look to introducing a 7-day a week calendar and maybe, maybe, maybe a Sunday brunch.

But for the moment: Burgers, Fries, Shakes, Floats and ice cream scoops always with a generous dollop of Bodhi Burgers house chocolate sauce is what we do. (We don’t put chocolate sauce on the burgers or fries except by request.)

Come on down and see us real soon.

Wednesday 12th of July, Mariscal Sucre 17-80

Bodhi Kroll: