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Presentation on personal transformation

The Oasis Center for Conscious Living presents:
The Circle of Life: The Way of Transformation
A presentation and discussion on the process of personal evolution, awakening, and self-realization.
Friday June 23, 10 AM – 3 PM
San Jose de Balzay

Join us for a provocative presentation and lively discussion on the topic of human development, both the collective and the individual. This subject has been the focus of the life study and experience of the presenter, also the founder and director of The Oasis Center for Conscious Living: Ecuador. After an overview of the collective evolution of our species (the subject of our previous and future presentations), we explore the life journey of the individual from birth to death. What are the possibilities for true transformation in this lifetime? Many find it much easier in one's 60s or 70s to surrender old forms and embrace a deeply spiritual way of living. Our presentation is not just education, but an invitation to participants to seek out the guidance and support of conscious community in order to maximize the possibility of complete Self Realization and fulfillment of one's highest purpose (the true secret to inner peace and happiness).

We ask $10 registration for the event, which includes a luncheon. Group size is limited to 16, but we will repeat both of our presentations on a regular basis. Write two me for more details and to register.

Friday June 23, 10-3, San Jose de Balzay

Catty Siguenza: 418 5383