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Experience reiki, massage and scrub/peeling comfortably at your home

What is Reiki? Reiki, an energy healing, and it helps:

Physically: improves ailments, injuries, metabolism.
Emotionally: emotional problems, aggressiveness, unhappiness, depression, anxiety.
Mentally: harmful habits, stress, insomnia.
Spiritually: harmony, peace, balance

I'd the pleasure to met a woman, who cured herself from cancer with Reiki, after 6 months her results were fantastic. Some of her doctors were astonished of her results, asking for her secret.
Reiki always works, some people don't have the patient to wait, we are used to take medicines, as a faster "solution" to our problems, but most of the time is even more damaging.
Some people have experienced a change in their life, sometime in a direction that they wanted, sometimes the change put people to face their fears, their hidden wishes.

If you think it is time to experiment it on yourself,
I have a promotion of 4 sessions, for a deeper work. (duration from 1h to 1h and 30min, depending on your status)

About Massage treatments:
If you prefer a good massage for your body, we offer 3 types of massage, 3 different prices.
Relaxing Massage (1h)
Aromatherapy Massage (1h) ( natural essential oils, ask in advance)
Deep Tissue Massage (from 1h to 1h and 15min)

Full body peeling, renew your skin, you will feel much better after it, is an amazing experince that I suggest you to try, combined with a massage, you will feel absolutely new.

For more information, contact me.

I will be at your disposal.


Erika Squadrone: 097 922 0438