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Using a Ragatzi propane heater indoors

Hello, We found a Ragatzi propane heater. Actually bought it from Orlando at the Sunrise Cafe and we have been using it to warm the house up. So far, we have only used it on the ground floor and I do bring it into my office every once in a while.

It heats up a large area nicely; probably 1500 square feet on the ground floor and the operating price is amazing at $2.50 for a tank of gas that lasts at least a week, if not two.

My question is on safety. I purchased a carbon monoxide monitor at KYWI (not cheap) for $100 and it hasn't gone off yet. Is anyone else using these heaters indoors? I am not certain I understand the difference, in terms of safety, between this heater being used indoors and my gas kitchen stove which is obviously being used indoors.

I notice that the gas tank that runs the kitchen is outside and the plastic hose feeding the stove has been run through the wall. Do we need to do the same thing with the Ragatzi?

We don't run the heater at night when we go to bed. That just seems too risky.

Steve Feuerbacher