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US citizen multiple re-entries

I have emailed the Consulate in Washington regarding these questions, but wanted to see if anyone had any insight...

I know that as a US citizen, I can spend up to 90 days in Ecuador during any 365 day period.

1-Are those 90 days consecutive, or can I stay in Ecuador 30 days, return to the US and then return to Ecuador for the remaining 60 days within the 365 days?

2-If I then come back to the US (after my 90 days total in Ecuador) and wish to return to Ecuador within the same 365 day period, am I allowed another 90 day visit, or would I have to get a visa (12-IX or 12-X). If I need a visa, I know it allows multiple entries, but are the visa days considered days in Ecuador or days from first entry into Ecuador?

3-Finally, I have been told that if I come to Ecuador as a regular US tourist (no visa) and submit an application for a resident visa (9-V Professional), that the 90 day time limit for my stay would be removed as I would be waiting for my resident visa. Do I get a document that states that my visa application is pending? I am wondering what the procedure would be if I am past the 90 days, waiting for my resident visa, but have to return to the US for a few weeks.

Any insight while waiting for an official response would be appreciated.

Michael Silbergleid