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Recommendation for Richard, alternatur Cuenca, personalized tours

Richard, a native Cuencano, who speaks flawless English, was our guide for a walking/food tour of Central Cuenca. Starting at Parque Calderon, Richard took us on a very personal tour to places he had been visiting since he was a kid. We were impressed by his knowledge of the history and architecture of Cuenca. He showed us places in areas we had walked by in the past without realizing that inside some of the buildings, or down a narrow road, was beautiful architecture with a rich history. Richard’s love and knowledge of Cuenca is infectious, and the fact that he is one of the nicest people I have met in Cuenca made the tour that much more fun.

The tour included a luncheon consisting of sample platters of food that represented the cuisine of the highland areas. Richard told us what each dish was, what the ingredients were, and how they were tied to the culture and the environment of the area. The strength of alternatur Cuenca is that, in addition to the tours they offer, they will develop personalized tours based on one’s interests. In addition, they offer interactive events and workshops that are designed “to teach new visitors as well as foreign and local residents about Ecuador's rich history and culture.” One such event is a natural medicine workshop with members of a Shuar community that live near the town of Sucua in the Amazon. They also provide an interactive bus map that, in addition to the schedules and routes of the busses, shows where banks, ATMs, and a variety of other things can be found. You can download an android app for the interactive bus map from their website. This was Without a doubt the best tour we have been on since arriving in Cuenca. You can check out alternatur Cuenca at the following website:

Address: Alternatur Cuenca, Edificio Las Magnolias, Avenue Gonzalez Suarez and Paseo Milchichig, Cuenca, Ecuador. EC010109

Contact information:

Recommended by Riley Koch: 099 548 1720