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Recommendation for Mateo, Smart Repair, cellphone/computer repair

I took my Dell desktop CPU to Mateo after knocking it over while it was running. I ran the Windows "Startup Repair" and arrived at a diagnosis, but no repair was possible using that software. I emailed Mateo with a photo of the diagnosis. He replied that it could be repaired and the cost would be minimal. I took my CPU to him on Friday at mid-day along with the disk containing my Operating system. Less than 24 hours later, Mateo delivered the computer to my home and connected it to make sure it ran well in my environment. He even was able to recover my old data files and saved them to the computer in case my backup did not include everything I wanted to access.

The total cost was $25. However, I offered him an additional $5 to cover the cost of taxis both ways.

Mateo was professional, efficient and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure doing business with him and I will take my little laptop to him next. He also told me that he guarantees his work and that I should contact him if any problems appear. I recommend Mateo for any computer repair needs. Office hours are 10:30 -1 PM and 2-7 PM.

Address: Gran Columbia 12-41 y Tarqui

Contact information: 098 963 7668

Recommended by Dorothy Peck: