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Recommendation for Marcelo Moscoso, real estate

I met Marcelo when I first arrived in April of 2016. My wife had met him the year before when she visited Cuenca. As a retired cop you are just born out of suspicion of everyone you meet and of course a real estate agent in Ecuador is just another hit or miss experience. But I have to say that Marcelo has become more of a friend, family member than any other person I have had the pleasure of associating with not only in my career in law enforcement but family as well. He is such an outstanding person with a beautiful family and someone who without question you can trust and rely on. The business environment in Cuenca is difficult to say the least and trust is a big factor when moving here. I can tell you that Marcelo has my trust and loyalty and has never been an issue. He is someone that should be emulated in Cuenca by business, labor, and technicians here, and I assure you if he were you would not have an issues with your relocation to Cuenca. Thank God we met.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  098 379 0383

Recommended by Richard Hoff: