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Recommendation for Madeleine Gonzalez, Bellgenica Health Insurance

As background for my recommendation, I am a registered health underwriter and sold health insurance in the US for 35 years. I sold group insurance to companies and the last decade sold Medicare related products. When my Dr., here in Cuenca, recommended Bellgenica and said pre-existing conditions are covered, I said they could not do that and stay in business. I was wrong. They very intelligently, set in place some waiting periods. This process protects both the insured and the insurance company. They have different waiting periods in the policy with more and more benefits being added as the policy ages. Smart. We signed up and my husband, one week later, had an atrial fib. attack. His 30 day waiting period had been waived (because he referred me). This company was so easy to work with. I called my rep, Mady Gonzales, and she found a way and got us the help we needed even though we didn't have a card yet. Keep in my, my husband has 5 stints and was taking medication for AFib (disclosed on the application). But, this was an emergency, (which is covered after 30 days) We went to the ER, he was put on an IV drip and put into intensive care overnight. Doctor fee, ER, ICU, medications, ECG, and sonogram total charge almost $1500. We left the hospital paying only $300. Bellgenica handled the rest. The people there are awesome. A special thanks to Mady and Viviana. (and Mady's boss) What wonderful people to work with. I highly recommend them and recommend you call them right away. The Feds are passing some new health benefits starting in January. Start now and you can lock in the rates. And, they speak English

Address: Cuenca

Madeleine Gonzalez Mensch: 098 896 9609

Recommended by Paula Robertson: